Trump is again behaving like a monarch

There was a short clip on the TV recently showing someone off-camera asking President Trump what he and Vladimir Putin were going to discuss at the G20. His response: "None of your business!"

Think of that! A president, off to a conference to do the public's business, representing the American people in discussion with a clear adversary, asserting that the nation does not merit being informed as to America's position concerning that adversary's assault on our electoral process. On whose behalf did he attend the conference?

Can anyone think of a clearer example of authoritarian paternalism? Are we to accept that Trump is the state rather than its elected head? Is there any question that this is what he believes? Can we not see in his many statements and actions, clear expression of that belief? Did even his supporters believe that they were voting for a monarch in 2016?

If Trump is allowed a second term, there may well come a time when we will find that he has become a monarch in effect, if not in law. Who can then guarantee that they are immune from his caprice and hatred? Think of that!

Herbert Ross



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