Rightsize state government

In his latest intellectually dishonest liberal diatribe, “Toll calculus: Lamont can’t figure it out” (July 7), Paul Choiniere suggests that the only solution to fixing Connecticut's failing infrastructure is instituting 50-80 toll gantries on existing non-maintained roadways — despite all the money we have paid to do so already in taxes to be put into the special transportation fund, when it’s been diverted to the general fund for years now. It was so egregious that a special lockbox was created in 2017, and promptly in Ned’s new budget the money was diverted again.

The public union grip on the Connecticut Democrat party is at the root of all our woes and bleeding us dry. The solution is for the governor to declare a fiscal emergency, open the contracts, do buyouts, cut the workforce a third, ditch collective bargaining and rightsize government.

When do you acknowledge we need a Wisconsin moment for Connecticut? Even Rhode Island figured out how to get their house in better shape and now criticizes us. You know better, it’s shameful, so stop being complicit and calling for policies, especially tolls, that are killing Connecticut.

Dan Newmyer

Mansfield Center


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