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Plastic bag tax will help environment

Connecticut’s new law regarding single-use plastic bags is a good idea and will favorably affect the environment. People don’t like to pay for things that used to be free, so pricing the bags even as low as 10 cents will discourage people from using them. Fewer bags out-and-about shall result in less plastic ending up in the oceans or in landfills.

The new tax will prompt people to be creative in how they transport their groceries or whatever else they are buying. This will cause consumers to reuse bags or take shopping carts to their cars and not use bags at all. Two of the best ways to reduce trash in the environment are reusing and recycling.

The new law may also cause stores to go the extra mile and convert from plastic to paper or even tote bags. The tote bags would cost more than 10 cents but would be a very big step in protecting our environment.

I encourage everyone to think of ways to reduce the amount of waste — plastic in particular — that they discard.

Chris Kearney



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