Stop GOP games, put Democrats back in control of Norwich

A clear pattern of exclusion from important city events and information is being practiced by Republican Mayor Peter Nystrom and other Republican members of the Norwich City Council. Invitations for events such as new business ribbon cuttings are sent only to the Republican members of the council by the mayor’s office. They were not even informed of a recent tour of the city by our lieutenant governor.

The Democrats learn about these events when they read about them in the papers or are asked why they did not attend. Stacey Gould, liaison to the Board of Education, whose job it is to report information about budget issues and deliberation to the council, only sends these reports to the Republican members of the council, leaving the Democrats in the dark.

Democrats are included in agenda setting for the council meetings only 10 percent of the time.

These examples of the Republicans’ failure to do their jobs and instead play political games are proof of the importance of electing Democrats to replace them this fall. We need people who take these public offices seriously and are willing to do the jobs that the voters expect them to do.

Linda Theodoru



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