On Election Day, vote to change Montville

This is Montville where:

Residents are not allowed to vote for either the tTown or cchool budgets. You can only speak for three minutes at a Town Council meeting. You are only allowed one chance to correct a town error on a tax bill, and only on one Saturday in September.

Former Lieutenant Bunnell admitted he overbuilt our police building by 3300 square feet. 

It is a place where:

Each year our student count goes down, but the school budget goes up. And the school board does not understand the total student count is about 1,850, not over 2000. Why? The high school's June graduations, numbering about 130, plus about 50 pre-school children are included in the budget starting on July 1. The mayor only reduces the school budget by a portion of the increase being requested. Where despite small class sizes  we pay for an additional 70 teacher’s aids.

To me the above sounds like a dictatorship, not a resident-friendly town government.

Only you can decide if you want more of the same on Election Day. 

Robert A. Manfredi



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