Grateful for chance to serve Waterford

As my term on the Board of Selectmen ends, I wanted to say thanks for the incredible opportunity to serve the residents of Waterford at this level. As you know, I take great pride in serving the town professionally and politically. When appointed to the Board of Selectmen, I committed to working in a bipartisan manner, considering each issue objectively, and avoiding any conflict of interest. I hope that I fulfilled the expectations of the position. 

As I was the only Democrat on the board, it could have been easy for the other members to dismiss my concerns and move forward the agenda as so desired, yet I felt my comments were listened to, my concerns were valued and that I was an equal part of the decision-making process. 

At a time when politics seem to be dividing people and preventing important issues from being resolved, Waterford continues to be a place where elected officials and volunteer members of boards or commissions work together to best serve the people they represent.

Marc Balestracci



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