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Bully from Queens took act to White House

Yes, we need immigration policies and regulations. Yes, we need to hold our companies accountable such as the Trump organization in their hiring of undocumented workers. No, we should not separate the families looking for a better life. We as a country need to remember all those who have come before us seeking a new life of hope and dreams. I understand some come for the wrong reasons and those individuals should be held until justice is served.

I do have a question for President Trump: “Why do you have to be next to your Marine One helicopter every time you talk to the media?"

I think it’s because you're in such a rush to play golf for the 224th time since becoming president. At a cost of $110 million to the taxpayers of the United States. The Washington, D.C. swamp is filling the White House. Time for a new sump pump.

P.S. - I grew up in Queens, N.Y. the same time as Trump. Like many others, I know a schoolyard bully when I see one.

Jack Steel



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