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Time for Trump base to face harsh reality

How many times have we heard President Trump say how sane and brilliant he is? I watch him on television and all I see is a little kid sitting in a highchair screaming and having a fit because he can’t have his crushed carrots.

A genius is smart, he or she knows a good many things but also knows they don’t know everything and so look for guidance.

Almost 80 high-end advisors and cabinet secretaries have left the administration, according to The Day, more than the last four administrations put together. This should tell us a lot about our sane, genius leader.

A year ago, he was on television telling us he wouldn’t abandon the Kurds; what did he do but abandon the Kurds. Another example of his brilliance.

The man does not listen to his intelligence people but takes the words of Vladimir Putin and other tyrants instead. His gut instincts mean more than climate scientists, most all economists and other experts. Brilliant.

The sad thing is the reaction of most of the Republican Congress. They are intimidated and dormant. They’re like the three monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, there is no evil.”

It’s time for his base to wake up and smell the roses.

Bruce Royce




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