Something is rotten in Stonington -- a cover-up

With regard to the article headlined “Stonington school officials say reports of Chokas touching not complaints” on Dec. 7, and because commenting was disabled on this news item, I’m compelled to submit this letter to the editor instead.

It is a total disgrace for school officials to equivocate on what and what is not a “complaint.” It would be laughable if these reports were not serious; that Superintendent Riley claims that the result of an “investigation” determines, AFTER THE FACT, whether a report is a “complaint” or a “concern.” The double-speak issued by these education officials at the Freedom of Information Commission hearing can only be described as cringe worthy.

What in the world does former teacher and coach Timothy Chokas have on these administrators? I would hope any other town’s Board of Education would not stoop to the levels of obfuscation that are exhibited in Stonington.

Linda Blais





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