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Since killing of Iran general much has changed, not for the better

Lee Elci, in his column “Trump acted boldly, while our senators dithered,” suggested that Connecticut Senators Blumenthal and Murphy bordered on “the edge of treason” for not saluting the decision of Commander-in-Chief Trump to kill Iran’s General Soleimani. Murphy, Elci implied, should not have questioned whether the administration had devoted any attention to managing the fallout. Here is some of that fallout:

• Iranians are now united behind Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in outrage against the U.S. Remember that Khamenei had just put down a mass uprising, killing thouands of Iranians protesting his dictatorship and the privation caused by unending foreign conflict.

• Iran has now abandoned remaining restraints on uranium enrichment.

• Iraqi’s parliament demands that U.S. forces leave Iraq, the vital base for our fight against ISIS. Even if the Iraqi government relents, we can expect less Iraqi support and less U.S. freedom of action in Iraq.

No doubt the president, a self-described “very stable genius,” anticipated all of this. And his strategy is…?

Peter Perenyi




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