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Dangerous to jump to conclusions on vandalism

Ledyard Republican Town Committee Chairman John Rodolico's comments in the article "Swastika spray painted on homemade pro-Trump sign near Ledyard High,” (Feb. 10), stating that the culprit was "obviously anti-Trump" were inflammatory and dangerous. He had no proof who committed the act. His comments fan the flames of division we are experiencing. 

It is dangerous to blame a broad group of people for the hate crimes of one person. The beliefs of who engaged in hate crimes used to be irrelevant. We all agreed, wrong was wrong. Now we just hope whoever did it, does not share our views so we can easily jump to conclusions, quickly pointing the finger at people without evidence. Whoever did this, Trump supporter or an anti-Trump person is irrelevant.

We are in dark times. Instead of joining together to condemn these acts, this party leader works overtime to divide us even further. Don't buy into it. We're not as divided as John would like us to be. Whether you love Trump or not, we love America first, and that means standing united in the face of injustice. We owe it to the brave Americans who stamped out Nazism to remain united.

Caroline Sedor




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