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Review press conference, Trump's 'terrible reporter' comment was accurate

I need to respond to yet another President Trump hater who feels it necessary to take remarks out of context and then purport to be true. I refer to letter "Attacking reporter for ‘softball’ question defines Trump,” (March 24).

The question was not what do you say to Americans who are watching right now...who are scared but, "I'll just follow up. Nearly 200 dead. What do you say to Americans who are scared, though? I guess, nearly 200 dead; 14,000 who are sick; millions, as you witness, who are scared right now. What do you say to Americans who are watching you right now who are scared?”

The president replied, "I say you are a terrible reporter. That's what I say."

The written report of the press conference was 54 pages long. Before the president said Alexander was a terrible reporter the reporter had asked several dumb questions just to make the president look bad. The president said the American people are looking for answers and they're looking for hope. And you're doing sensationalism. There were more questions and answers both from the president and Alexander before and after the president tells Alexander he is a terrible reporter.

If you want the facts go to Shame on the writer and all haters.

Daniel O’Brien




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