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Examine inequality of the pandemic

Currently the racial inequalities of our country are becoming more visible by the day. The recent protests are the culmination of decades, no centuries, of lives lost to the active and passive racism in our country. We have a nationwide problem of racial and ethnic inequality that is only further highlighted by the current pandemic.

Data released by the Connecticut Department of Public Health confirms that black and Hispanic populations are being disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus compared to white peers. Appeal to our governor and representatives to support the creation of a state level Coronavirus Task Force on Racial Disparities. Following in Michigan’s footsteps, this team could allow for further study of, and recommendations regarding combatting these disparities that are leaving minority populations susceptible to infection.

In addition, such an act could help to educate community members on the present danger of COVID-19. Looking ahead, the research and work done in these coming months can help to assist in making lasting changes in our state towards the ultimate goal of equal treatment, access to care, and health for all Connecticut citizens. It is clear change is needed, especially when protecting basic access to life is the place we need to start.

Sarah Frick



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