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Slowing the mail is voter suppression

Kill the U.S. Postal Service, the one government institution with a 90 percent approval rating? Trump will do anything to get re-elected, which is why he should not. Conservatives want to force the Postal Service into insolvency so they can privatize it, but the timing proves this is about voter suppression.

The amazing thing about the USPS is that wherever you live you can count on getting and sending mail in a timely, inexpensive way. Mail arrives daily despite rain, sleet, snow and pandemics. People pay bills, receive checks, get medicine, and ship their Etsy products through the U.S. mail. Louis DeJoy, Republican mega donor, has become the Postmaster General. He began by removing pickup boxes, destroying mail-sorting machines, cutting overtime hours, and telling states he cannot guarantee mail-in ballots will arrive on time. Trump is behind this. The more who vote, the less chance Trump wins. Ironically, if the president had handled the pandemic better, voters could go to the polls the way they always have.

The U.S. Postal Service handles volumes of holiday mail so efficiently they can tell you exactly which day it will arrive. Now our whiney president has kneecapped them. What will he go after next? Santa Claus?

Terri Roper




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