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Voting Rubino, not the party of Trump

Despite being a lifelong Democrat, I have voted for both Republican and Democratic candidates. This was especially true in local and state elections, in which both parties fielded good candidates who cared deeply about their communities. But sadly, this has not been the case in many years.

Local Republicans have aligned themselves with the national party and President Donald Trump and have abandoned their focus on local issues. Just recently, Republicans in Connecticut signaled support for “QAnon” conspiracy theories, tried to limit access to voting, sued to keep students from wearing masks in school, and endorsed Trump, even as tapes showed that he lied to Americans about COVID-19, costing tens of thousands of lives.

Republicans do not even have a platform for this election. Their only remaining policy goal is to support Trump. How exactly does that serve Connecticut?

This is why I am looking forward to seeing my friend Dave Rubino in Hartford. He is the candidate for the Connecticut House of Representatives seat in the 23rd District (Old Lyme, Lyme, Old Saybrook, and part of Westbrook). He is a human rights attorney, a father, and a small-business owner. His thoughtfulness, knowledge, and compassion will represent us well.

Christine Gianquinto

Old Lyme


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