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Why didn't Republicans congratulate Joe Biden?

On Nov. 3, the Connecticut Republican Party posted on Facebook a long stream of congratulatory messages to Connecticut Republicans on this year's campaign results. There was not a single congratulatory message to President-elect Joe Biden.

In fact, a pinned post calling for votes for President Trump remained on their page. I sent messages to state Sen. Paull Formica and Rep. Holly Cheeseman conveying my congratulations and asked them to acknowledge President-elect Biden's victory. They did not.

President-elect Biden was on the same ballot as all of these people the Republicans are congratulating. His victory is equally worth celebrating and acknowledging, and Connecticut Republicans should do so. If they doubt votes cast on the same ballots as their own candidates, then the results for their candidates are also in question.

We should all honor our "small D" democratic process, regardless of party.

Brendan Cunningham

East Lyme


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