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Don't lump all Trump supporters with Capitol attackers

The media consistently refers to the rioters at the Capitol in Washington as “Trump supporters” insinuating that all “Trump supporters” are like them. I believe most rioters were anarchists, and although they may have voted for President Trump, they in no way represent the majority of the 74 million-plus Americans who voted for conservative candidates.

It is like saying all those who looted and rioted over the past few months are “Biden supporters” and fully represent the 81 million-plus that voted for liberal candidates. If 74 million conservative voters, or even 5% or 10% of them, had descended on Washington, D.C. and the Capitol Building, the whole place would be gone. Just as if the 81 million plus liberal voters, or 5% or 10% of them, started burning and pillaging, the nation would burn up!

Anyone who encourages any type of violence as a measure of government or social change, or in resisting that change, is wrong. Broad-brush characterizations of groups or individuals only widen the gulf between parties and individuals. The “my way at any cost” mindset will not work in a democratic republic.

Ronald Kadlecik




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