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Do as you say, Day? Not as you do?

In The Day editorial, “Republican fear of loathing in the City of Groton,” (Jan. 26), you criticize Groton City Republicans for using of "an increase in negativity toward Republicans" and "bullying of Republicans by many liberal Democrats" as their explanation for not running for city offices. Then, immediately below YOUR editorial you publish a cartoon demeaning the owner of the My Pillow corporation as being a nut for his support for Donald Trump in the recent campaign. Don't you get it?

Sometime in the next few years, when some currently unknown international crisis e.g., war with China or another uncontrollable pandemic drives the progressives/liberals/socialists from power − and the country into Republican hands − retaliation towards liberals will be agenda number one. Maybe conservatives will outlaw and humiliate the businesses that were liberal backers of Joe Biden such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Words like compromise, unity, compassion should be erased from dictionaries and Google since their meanings are unknown in the laughable UNITED States of America. Most great historians have written about the potential evil of pure democracy since it almost always morphed into the behavior of the mob and to eventual dictatorship. We have seen too much "democracy" lately in the mobs burning our cities and attacking the Capitol.

George Gauthier




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