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    Saturday, July 13, 2024

    Trump shall return, mark your calendars

    I supported President Trump because he continued to make me proud to be an American. After eight years of President Obama telling us America was never great, going around the world apologizing for America, I found it refreshing to have a patriotic president, one who loves this country, its people, our flag, our customs our laws and our Constitution.

    The people came to Washington to make their voices heard. Unfortunately, a very small fraction gave the Democrats another excuse to hop on the impeachment band wagon. Try as they will, however, 74 million Americans will not take the bait. It will take more than a "village of deplorables and chumps" to send Trump into the dust bin of history.

    Trump called Democrats' bluff. They believed he would resign to escape non-stop fake harassment; but quitting is not in Trump's dictionary. The Democrats hated him because he was not part of their in-crowd and for exposing the deep state. So now we are supposed to accept that Joe Biden, who often appeared confused, campaigned little, had a history of plagiarizing, took over the White House?

    Four years from now Trump will make a triumphant return.

    Harold T. Moreash

    Jensen Beach, Florida

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