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Hedrick cable vote showed poor judgment

Like countless municipalities across the country, Groton City is at a crossroads, and who becomes our next mayor will play a big part in what direction we take going forward.

Residents should know that Mayor Keith Hedrick, as a city councilor, voted to sell Thames Valley Communications to a private equity firm for $150,000. The city assumed $38.8 million in outstanding debt and sold 100% of the company's stock and all capital assets.

Atlantic Broadband recently purchased TVC for $50 million. Is this the management experience we expect from Mayor Hedrick?

Aundré Bumgardner opposes privatization of city services. He brings foresight and fiscal discipline. He understands the value of high-speed internet − a critical service for families during the coronavirus pandemic. He believes that broadband should be treated like electricity and water, as a public utility.

Do we want to stay stuck in the same old slow lane of status-quo politics demonstrated by the current administration?

Or do we want to take a new direction fueled by a fresh and progressive perspective on how government is run and who it serves?

I am choosing the latter, and that is why I am voting for Aundré Bumgardner for mayor in Monday's Democratic primary.

Aaron Kane




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