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It looks like the fix is in for Mystic River Bluffs

The Mystic River Bluffs project proposed by Respler Homes is a stunning example of how local officials elevate the interests of a private developer above those of the general public. After nearly four years, Respler and Groton town officials continue to promote a massive apartment complex using a computer-generated image to encourage warm, fuzzy feelings. They tout this pictorial as a “concept." It certainly is. They mislead the public regarding project size and the market segment that it will appeal to. They omit maps locating construction relative to property boundaries and parcels currently protected as open space. They fail to identify assumptions used to justify the rosy economic development projections claimed. Moreover, they fail to discuss impacts on neighborhoods, increased traffic throughout the area, loss of open space, and costs to taxpayers associated with unidentified tax incentives and public infrastructure.

Now Respler has submitted a new draft proposal to the Planning and Zoning Commission, which will lay out a “permitting path” according to Groton’s town planner. Only after the deck is stacked and the dice loaded, will the public be invited to “participate.”

This illusion-in-progress, facilitated by Groton’s Town Council, offers no meaningful opportunity for public input.

R. A. Voyer




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