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Choose constructive letters for publication

I question why The Day published Robert Vogel's hate-filled letter to the editor on May 29 when, based on The Day's own "User Content Posting Rules," his remarks are so offensive and discriminatory they would be subject to censorship if Mr. Vogel had merely attempted to post them as an online comment on Red Jahnke's guest editorial, "Anti-racism crusade built on dubious triad of beliefs," (May 26). Moreover, Mr. Vogel's feelings about Mr. Jahnke's piece remain unclear, obscured by his rail against all Republicans as (among other things) racist members of a fascist cult.

I am sure The Day receives a great many letters to the editor on any given subject. As a registered Republican who does not identify with any of the characteristics Mr. Vogel ascribes to the GOP, I urge you to follow your own rules and choose civility. Publish letters that promote constructive, forward-moving dialogue and forgo meandering, venomous rants like Mr. Vogel's, which accomplish neither.

Marybeth Carver

East Lyme 



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