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Pandemic not why our democracy threatened

I write in response to the July 18 letter, "Pandemics cause social change."

Yes, in the past pandemics caused social change through devastation, when large portions of the population would die. We will have much change from this one, but we have resources to avoid the worst outcome: better information and communication to let people know what is happening, data to let the scientists know what to do, better transportation to get supplies where they can help most, and, most importantly, development of vaccines.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, many people resist vaccination.

As for our descent into dictatorship, it is not the elected officials using emergency powers to implement policies to try to keep people safe that is the problem. They are using rules and systems that were put in place because democracy takes times, and sometimes we don't have it.

The major threat to democracy comes from those Republicans who refuse to accept the results of the 2020 election. They have shown to be more interested in retaining power than in serving their constituencies. They realize that most decent people don't agree with cruel policies (such as separating families at the border), short-sighted policies (ignoring climate change), and repressive policies (voter suppression).

Republicans know the only way for them to retain power is to restrict voting access. That is a sign of dictatorship. 

Charlene Asay



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