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Parking nightmares on a Mystic street

People who live in the downtown Mystic area suffer from too many vehicles lining their streets. Many of these streets, built a long time ago, were narrowly designed and some of the back streets can barely handle two-way traffic. And, if vehicles are lining just one side of the street, two-way traffic is darn near impossible. Latham Street is an absolute nightmare for the people who live on that street; sometimes they cannot get into their own driveways. Then they deal with some cars parked overnight. And often, when the gin mills shut down, intoxicated people stagger back to their cars, sometimes yelling, at ungodly hours. And if that is not bad enough, some drunks have relieved themselves next to their cars before driving off from Latham Street!

Some residents have complained to the powers that be, but things have fallen on deaf ears, which figures when it is not your own street's problem. A few residents have been too afraid to sign a petition to have no-parking signs put up from one end of Latham Street to the other end. I just cannot understand why.

Ed Victoria




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