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Reject Bordelon, she can't work with others

The endorsed Democratic slate of candidates for Town Council is strong, inclusive, diverse, and would make an effective team.

Granted, Portia Bordelon is smart and capable, and an energetic force. But many feel she needs to learn to listen to others as well as voice her own opinions. It was said at the Democratic Town Committee meeting that she does not respect the rules of civil discourse or adhere to rules that are needed to run a governmental organization in an orderly and effective fashion. People feel she needs to realize she is not the only important voice in a room. Respect for others' opinions is necessary before one can properly and civilly construct an oppositional discourse rather than just forcefully bulldoze with your own position.

If six out of nine people on a committee cannot work with someone, not because of that person's stance on issues but because of the abrasive demeanor, rudeness, attitude, and approach, it loudly tells you something. We need to listen to them.

Dana Semeraro




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