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Headlines that could go both ways

Nov. 18 and 27 opinion pages featured the following large headlines and extensive opinion pieces:

“Big Lie echoes through arrests, hearings”; “Jason Aldean and country music’s right-wing DNA” and “The proper verdict, and a sigh of relief”; “Sounding the alarm over democracy’s future.”

With a little rewording, all of these headlines could have been criticisms of left-wing “DNA,” instead of the usual celebration of narratives that implicitly or overtly demean conservatives.

How might a set of similar headlines sound if written from a conservative perspective? “Big Lie echoes through indictments and Clinton connections as the Durham investigation builds the case for government collusion against the Trump campaign”; “Rap music’s violent, misogynistic lyrics may have inspired the left-wing DNA of the BLM riots and the Christmas parade murderer." “The proper verdict, and a sigh of relief” could have described the Rittenhouse trial instead of the Arbury trial; “Sounding the alarm over democracy’s future” would be better attributed to the riots, looting, burning, and violent behavior of the left.

Why does The Day relentlessly underwrite this deliberate effort to vilify conservatives while glorifying liberals in its biased newspaper?

Gillian B. Thorne



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