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One person died as the result of Jan. 6 violence

Once again, The Day paper has stated on front page news, the oft proven lie of insisting that five people died on the Jan. 6 violence at the Capitol. It is fact that there was but one person who lost a life on that day as a result of those actions. An Air Force veteran, Ashley Babbitt was an unarmed Caucasian woman, shot and killed by a black Capitol Police officer by the name of Michael Byrd. While we all have the right to form our own opinions and support our chosen agendas, what we do not have the right to do is spew vicious lies that have been repeatedly proven false, in the hopes that a majority of citizens are too stupid or blinded by propaganda to see facts. And for your publication to continue to propagate those lies repeatedly and masqueraded as fact, leaves your credibility, integrity, and any hopes of being actual journalists, in a heap of trash that belongs out by the road. Please, give us the names and cause of death of those “five” who died as a result of that day, so that we might be able to honor them accordingly.

Mike Zito



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