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Dr. Gaudio was forced into retirement

My beloved doctor is retiring. Dr. Steven Gaudio of Old Saybrook is not just any doctor. He is a rare breed of doctor.

A gifted, skilled Internist and Dermatologist.

Dr. Gaudio is not hanging up his stethoscope because he's in his 60s. He is retiring because he can no longer find the quality of help needed to assist him in maintaining his high quality of patient care. Spending 50% of his valuable time dealing with insurance issues and government documents is also driving Gaudio into early retirement.

My wife and I have been fortunate to have had excellent doctors while living in Dallas, Atlanta, and London. But none compare to Dr. Gaudio's incredible knowledge, compassion, and downright decency. Dr. Gaudio maintained a very special, close relationship with his patients, including President Ronald Reagan. Over 150 messages of many tearful thanks have been left on Dr. G's phone.

Can we find another Dr. Gaudio? We will not! Dr. Gaudio's forced retirement underlines the deteriorating state of America's medical care: the end of small, independent medical practices taken over by large, less-caring corporate companies. What a loss!

Bob Sirkin

Old Lyme


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