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City Hall door is locked for a reason

It baffles me to wonder what makes some people think the way they do. David Collins cannot seem to understand why City Hall is locked down until someone from inside unlocks the doors, "New London City Hall is locked during business hours," (June 11).

Thank you Mayor Mike Passero for putting city employees’ safety first. You did a good thing by letting your people decide how to handle the public.

I am sure there are a lot of schools and institutions that would be horrified to hear Collins’ open-door policy.

The city just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to beautify the inside of City Hall. And, beautiful it is.

Obviously, Collins was not around when someone on the streets came in and made such a dirty mess of the bathroom it had to be thoroughly cleaned. Some people do not get that these are difficult times for workers. I would not want to work in the tax department when an irate taxpayer came in, would you?

To say it seemed like a waste of time for someone to unlock the door really makes me scratch my head. It took a lot of money to give City Hall a facelift.

If you are so worried about security standing to unlock doors, why don’t you volunteer a few hours a week to screen people ringing the buzzer.

I have family working in that building so please Mr. Collins, think.

Chick Barberi





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