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    Monday, August 15, 2022

    Article critical of MREs misses the whole point

    I am writing in response to the article "MREs: Food if you need it, but hope you don't," (Sept. 3).

    I am a proud member of the Army, I served a tour in Iraq and I am currently stationed in Germany. This article insults the military to its very basic need. Food is meant for survival. The MREs in this article were tried only for the novelty factor. No, it isn't fine dining but it is going to let you survive. The quote, "It looks like what my poodle eats," is hurtful to me and others in the military. It is what I eat when I am training and when we go down range.

    I was supposed to appear in your Gallery of Heroes section, but I feel you do not support the military by letting this article run. It is just some woman complaining. She probably had hot food she could have eaten and a warm shower. I am sure the people of Katrina would have appreciated an MRE, or the children in Africa passing away by the thousands. These meals are meant for survival; they provide enough nutrition for a day. They average 2,000 calories, your daily intake.

    I think your reporter owes the military an apology. She should go on a mission with the local National Guard and spend a week in the woods and see how one tastes.