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    Sunday, April 21, 2024

    State needs leaders who will work with the president

    It is somewhat ironic that many of the refugees fleeing violence and lawlessness in their home countries employ criminal human smugglers (with horrific records of violence and endangerment against their customers) and make their first act in this country a violation of our laws. And even more ironic that so-called sanctuary cities protect the undocumented members of MS-13 and other gangs who prey overwhelmingly on other undocumented immigrants in their wide range of criminal activities, which the FBI details as drug distribution, murder, rape, prostitution, robbery, home invasions, immigration offenses, kidnapping, car-jacking’s/auto thefts, and vandalism. 

    Many on the left call for our immigration laws to not be enforced, or even for abolishing ICE. How many other laws do we have to ignore to satisfy them? 

    The real problem is that the current Connecticut congressional delegation is singularly incapable of changing current laws or enacting new legislation to solve immigration and other problems because of their refusal to work across the aisle and make compromises. Sending any of them back to Washington in November will just exacerbate the problems.

    P. J. Rovero

    East Lyme