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    Thursday, July 25, 2024

    Democrats turn up the heat

    This “raid” was a public shakedown by the most dangerous syndicated crime family ever assembled. They say nothing, because they refuse to even pretend to hide their tactical bullying, and public shakedown. We know they lie, steal, and attack us in every way, but display their impunity like a World Series trophy. We know Hillary, Hunter, Joe and his China connection, Pauli’s Pelosi, Pauline junior, will never, NEVER, be brought to task. Nancy openly does insider trading with the assistance of Congress. Rudy Giuliani brought down the five families — they knew his potential, so they ruined him, and we hear nothing now because he has been defeated…same with Roger Stone, Michael Flynn.

    But Donald Trump refuses to bow, so they just turn up the heat. Out in the open they WILL NOT tell us, because they do not care and now, they tell us publicly, with 87,000 new IRS (unqualified) agents, armed with weapons, that they are coming for US…IN SPADES…and they do not care. Garland, one of the most powerful men in the world is now hiding in Biden’s bunker … Joe has taken off on yet ANOTHER vacation.

    Mike Zito


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