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    Sunday, September 25, 2022

    The truth can be painful

    Racism continues to be a cancer deeply embedded in our society, “Greenwich official just a foot soldier,” Red Jahncke column, (Sept. 10). Teaching about it, creating an understanding of its many sins, can only make ours a more perfect Union. To believe otherwise suggests latent racism. Perhaps not cross-burning bigotry, but a refusal to accept the reality that there remain today many subtle ways that people-who-are-not-white are unfairly diminished in America.

    We should work harder to educate the next generations with the truth about slavery and racism in America, even if some of those truths are painful. And if some want to keep referring to the issue with a conservative dog whistle (CRT), so be it. And kudos to the educators who are straining to ensure that this part of our children's education is not suppressed.

    My hope is that a generation hence, we will all be much more knowledgeable about, and understanding of, the problems of racism in America, so that we can fix them. To get there, we will have to teach about the sins of the past (and present), and hope that those coming generations will approach life with an important thought in mind, namely, there should be equality and justice for all.

    Eric Smith


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