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    Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Trump’s objective is obvious

    Long before 1967 I was an active anti-Vietnam War activist who, ironically wound up serving in Vietnam. I fully support all our veterans, however I do question the USA’s boots on the ground participations in endless wars, except for WWII.

    I experienced no hand-to-hand combat but was still in an active rocket and mortar prone area. I was H. Co. Clerk, like Radar O’Reilly, and also our battalion’s official courier. I delivered confidential and secret documents. Those duties required me to carry a 45-caliber pistol and my rifle, mostly traveling by plane. My sealed documents pouch never left my hands and I always felt uncomfortable until delivery! Recently I heard of some politicians expressing the same uneasy feelings of dread when dealing with highly classified documents.

    It is a given that Trump hates reading, and his sole objective is to bilk his gullible supporters out of their money. So, what possible reason would Trump have to steal highly classified documents belonging to the USA? The answer is simple, a grifter’s only goal in life is to monetize anything for their own personal gains.

    Bill Culotta

    Old Lyme

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