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    Saturday, April 20, 2024

    On classified documents and social security

    It appears that many of our leaders are lax about their treatment of top secret documents and since there is no system to track who has what, we have to trust them to follow the rules. When documents are retained by accident and returned promptly when discovered, folks - like Joe Biden - should be strongly reprimanded. When folks refuse to return documents/records that they should not possess - like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - they should be investigated and prosecuted for premeditated violation of the law.

    When Republicans held the presidency and Congress, they had an opportunity but did not attempt to reign in the looming Social Security and Medicare funding crisis. With Democrats in power, they have developed an appetite for cuts. But hypocrisy does not make them wrong.

    In 1935 when SS began, average age at death was 62 years; in 1965 when Medicare began it was 70 years; today it is 79 years. Either we increase taxes to fund the extra 9-17 years of retirement, or we (slowly) raise the age for collecting benefits. Else our children and grandchildren will bear the burden of our selfishness, and gross negligence of our elected officials.

    Dr. Constantine Manthous


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