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    Tuesday, June 18, 2024

    Trying to understand ‘woke’

    Since the anti-"woke" movement has become so prominent on the right, government nerds like me have been wondering what, exactly, it is. When you legislate against wokeness, what's in the bill? Thanks to Biden's offer of tens of billions of federal dollars to anyone who will manufacture advanced microchips in America, we now have some insight.

    Biden would like to condition this bodacious largesse on, among other things, child-care for the workers who build and run these huge facilities, and union labor. Various Republican senators describe these strictures as "woke." Alright, then!

    I get it. Back in the good old days, when women were mainly shut out of the workforce, childcare was not a public policy thing. It was what women did, at home, and that was that. Employers providing childcare? Ridiculous. Or, "woke."

    And unions - I mean, what did unions ever do for our society? Sure, they forced the invention of the "weekend,“ not the three-day weekend, but the regular weekend that, let's face it, nobody really needs. Other than that, they just interfere with monopoly capitalism's right to keep workers in their place.

    Now that I am feeling it, isn't it kind of "woke" to let women vote?

    Eric Kuhn


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