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    Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Nuclear power is safe

    Yes, I believe nuclear power is safe; and like all technologies of man, requires due diligence to address its effects and potential effects on mankind. Presidents Carter and Ford pushed for and signed the Anti-Nuclear Proliferation Act. This prevented the reprocessing/reuse of spent nuclear fuel from commercial power plants, intending to prevent terrorists/evil-minded persons from “stealing” the Plutonium (Pu) separated during this process to create nuclear bombs, which in the wrong hands could destabilize any area in the world.

    With today’s egomaniacs in places such as North Korea, and Iran already with nuclear bombs, it appears that we (USA) did our part to help control the spread of the bomb, but can’t control the entire world. So, we do not reprocess perfectly reusable spent fuel here in the USA that could be used to create needed energy that is in ever greater demand. Thus, leaving a greater quantity of radioactive materials to address.

    I was one of those individuals licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for over 30 years to directly operate and refuel Millstone Unit 3. I hope we do not back ourselves into a “California energy corner” with its high cost of power, rotating blackouts, and daily disruption of life.

    Charles Ryan


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