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    Thursday, September 28, 2023

    Biden’s disastrous human migration policy

    Biden’s Disastrous Migration Policy Summarized: 1. No VP Harris presence at the southern border nor has she identified a factual migration root cause. 2. No border sanity or common sense rules in place to secure the southern border against illegal invasion. 3. No health checks, vaccination mandates or vetting for illegal border violators. 4. No pre-planned U.S. destination or U.S. citizen sponsorship for illegal migrants. 5. No plans for migrant sustainment upon destination arrival; including, shelter, jobs and child educational and medical needs; look no further than the disaster in NYC!

    Perhaps, even more devastating, than the Biden failed migration policy, has been the media’s blind eye to this ongoing tragedy, exploiting people solely for political gain. Shame on the media for protecting such a disgraceful policy and administration. From policies that span from Afghanistan to Zelinsky, with special emphasis on U.S. border security, health of the U.S. economy, enforcement of U.S. law and order and the fairness of U.S. justice, Biden’s policies have been abject failures.

    Take your grievance to the ballot box and rid the nation of the failed Biden administration and any political ally that allowed these disasters to occur.

    Robert DiNapoli

    Old Lyme

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