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    Tuesday, February 27, 2024

    Misplaced love and greatness

    The New York Times article, “How college-educated Republicans learned to love Trump again,” Michael C. Bender, (Jan. 14), explores why college-educated voters support Donald Trump.

    Pros: Trump kept us out of wars and excoriated wasteful spending abroad. He tariffed China (although consumers paid the freight). He implemented prison reform and coordinated greater acceptance of Israel in the Middle East. He deterred illegal immigration and cut taxes (90% to corporations and the rich); Cons: He denigrated veterans, the disabled and anyone who crossed him. He divided rather than united us. He refused to accept defeat, embraced and then refused to stop the Jan. 6, 2021 assault on police and use of our Capitol as a latrine.

    Biden has his shortcomings. He looks old and frail. His policy wins – infrastructure, pandemic relief, gun regulation, debt relief for the poor, clean energy – benefit either all or the most disadvantaged. Meanwhile, Trump is the king of angry (white) folks who feel looked down on by coastal elites and betrayed by a corrupt government. He cultivates hate and anger, turning family members against each other. He promises more of the same, and the cost is clear. A mean, rude, grifting president, despised by half the country and most of the world. If that "makes America great," I misunderstand greatness.

    Constantine Manthous


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