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    Tuesday, February 27, 2024

    Dare to view ‘the other side’

    Remarkable! In The Day column Jan. 12, “We can choose hope over fear,” retired Judge Steven Spellman offers a plea for hope over fear. That seems benign and worthwhile. A critic responds by criticizing the other side with his list of "what-about-isms." This is a never-ending, downward spiral. Instead, can we explore why people are so Balkanized? I've often felt that Americans are so polarized because of where they find their political commentary. If you watch MSNBC, you support Democrat, liberal ideals. If you watch Fox, you support Republican, conservative ideals. And what you watch becomes what you believe. I suggest everyone commit to watching an hour a week of the broadcasts of the other side's views. It will probably be painful, but it might yield some much-needed understanding, too. I tried it; I've worked my way up to 37 minutes before I had to turn it off.

    Eric Smith


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