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    Thursday, June 20, 2024

    Not just a building

    The devastating dust has settled. The television cameras are gone. My heart is still broken, my mind is still reeling. I will always be grateful that I had a commitment that Thursday and I was not in that end of the sanctuary doing volunteer work. I wasn't the only one who had a commitment and couldn't volunteer that fateful day. God is so merciful.

    I cringe when I hear someone say, "it was only a building." I don't quite see it that way. It's a shame that people who don't believe in Jesus Christ will use this as an opportunity to slam believers. I personally believe that there were angels holding that steeple up until everyone that was cleaning was out of the sanctuary. I will always be grateful for the endless hours of painting those windows on the bottom floor last year. It was such a precious and spiritual time I will never forget. I'm praying for both congregations, but especially the children. God bless them.

    God knows the end from the beginning and He speaks for Himself. Thanks to the public servants who kept the area safe during the cleanup. And, thank you so much for that video and beautiful poems. “Time lapse: Demolition of New London’s First Congregational Church and poems by Mary M. Anderson read by her daughter Holly Camerota.”

    Debbie Fantacci


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