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    Sunday, April 14, 2024

    Politicians’ hot air comparable to wind turbines

    The Day, Feb. 19, “Last South Fork turbine parts leave NL,” depicts about 1,600 square miles of ocean for installation of wind turbines. That’s a disaster in the making, not progress!

    Trashing the ocean, fishing grounds and shipping lanes to accommodate “environmentally friendly” free wind power is ridiculous. It is not friendly, and not free! The beneficiaries are the manufacturers, constructors, companies with maintenance contracts and . . . politicians pushing the concept. Has security in the open ocean ever been considered? Will these turbines be abandoned at the end of useful life, or will the rate payers be hit with huge surcharges for removal?

    City Pier once accommodated freight and large ships; that’s all gone now having been replaced by the massive turbine staging platform. What a bad decision! An honest unscrubbed financial analysis would be an interesting read, but I’m sure it’s highly classified. I bet the return on the investment doesn’t begin to cover all the hard and soft costs, like greasing political skids, boat operations, security, and the total removal and ocean clean-up at the end of useful life!

    If you really want free wind power, think about harnessing the hot air coming out of our esteemed environmentalists and politicians who push this nonsense!

    Charles Wenderoth

    West Mystic

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