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    Monday, April 15, 2024

    Hamas is responsible

    Once again, The Day has proven that the pro-Palestinian propaganda machine is alive and well. A guest commentary (Friday, March 8), “Gaza Needs Humanitarian Aid Now,” talks about all the things Israel must do to end this war and protect the innocent civilians of Gaza. There is no mention of any actions that Hamas needs to take to end this war.

    Earlier that week, Israel agreed to a 6-week ceasefire negotiated by the UAE, Egypt and the U.S. but, as usual, Hamas declined. This was not the first time Israel agreed to a ceasefire that Hamas rejected. In negotiations, no one gets everything they want.

    Since 1947, Israel has agreed to a 2-state solution six times only to have the Palestinians reject the proposals. During the last two decades that Hamas has controlled Gaza, they have stolen aid meant for the Gazans to build up their military capabilities at the expense of their people.

    It is time that Hamas is held responsible for this horrific situation, not Israel. There cannot be peace when one group, Hamas, has stated they will repeat Oct. 7 over and over again until they achieve their goal, the annihilation of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

    Jeffrey Dubins


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