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    Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Biased op-ed from native son

    Michael McLean, author of “Biden’s failure in Palestine,” (The Day, June 5) was proud to have worked for Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020, but regrets it now. Thanks, Mike, for helping bring about porous borders, national debt that is out of sight, big cities which are increasingly unlivable and diminishing the strength of our military by “woke” policies — all of which have contributed to a U.S. so weakened that our enemies have taken advantage to extend their aggression, the attack by Hamas on innocent Israelis being just one of the most repulsive.

    As a history expert, he should have known that “Palestine” was never a nation, but a geographical region named “Palestina” by Emperor Hadrian, circa A.D. 130. Apparently, he also never read the Hamas Charter, which calls for the extermination of Israel, something the vicious attack by this genocidal group shows that it takes seriously.

    McLean’s lack of sympathy for the Israeli victims of the attack unleashed on Oct. 7, demonstrates a clear bias on his part, no doubt picked up by many of the students who attend his classes. I suspect this is a common occurrence which led to the current campus unrest across the nation. I believe it’s time for colleges to clean house.

    Edward Wood


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