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    Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Joe’s got to go

    We need to stop kidding ourselves, and face up to the fact that Joe has to go. The post-debate poll found only 28% of registered voters believed he should be running, while 54% of his own party agreed.

    My concern as an American, and a veteran, is his presence on the world stage. He is seen as confused, and lacks the ability to verbally communicate both here and abroad. It’s embarrassing, and I can’t understand how his closest advisers, his son, his grandkids, and especially his wife can’t see what the world is seeing; or they simply don’t care.

    In addition, Joe is too generous with our tax dollars, has opened our borders and given billions to the support of illegals, billions in student loan forgiveness, billions to child care and billions to all the special interest programs in our country. We’re also supporting the countries at war around the globe, with no end in sight. FBI Director Christopher Wray says he’s concerned about the safety of our country with the influx of illegals, but it seems no one is listening, including Joe.

    If there is a World War 3, and this nation needs to activate the draft system, our kids will be recruited, and the millions of illegals will be left behind. Think about that!

    Jim Harmon


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