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    Saturday, July 20, 2024

    Vote like democracy is at stake

    The United States of America stood as the best example of democracy and the rule of law in the world. Not anymore. The Republican Supreme Court has given the president immunity from justice. This court is corrupt and has joined the campaign to elect Trump as king.

    We must elect Democrats into office at every level to preserve democracy, to reestablish women’s healthcare and rights, to protect voting and self-government, to stop corporate and billionaire overreach, to stand up to tyranny that is threatening countries around the world and to save the earth we live on.

    Imagine Trump having unrestricted power to do whatever he wants. His history of breaking norms and laws, screwing businesses out of money owed, treating women and minorities horribly, enabling bigots, and grifting constantly for personal gain disgusts us. Republicans are all tarnished with Trump slime by not stopping him, not impeaching him and not speaking out about his many threats and transgressions. Republicans are gerrymandering for their own power in the states they control, they are trying to prevent people who may not support them from voting and they are making voting and democracy more difficult.

    Look up the right’s plan for Trump’s return, Project 2025. They are telling us they will take the country and never give it back. Vote like democracy is at stake.

    Peter Roper


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