On the Side: Aspen

It had been a long week, although that is pretty silly since all weeks are pretty much the same. But when friends from Madison asked if I’d meet them for dinner halfway between my house and theirs, I suggested Aspen in Old Saybrook.

I hadn’t had dinner there in years, but I always liked the somewhat edgy menu and figured Lisa, Eric and their friend, Judy, would, too. What I remembered the most was a grilled romaine salad with an avocado-dill dressing. I also liked the fact that there are small, somewhat less expensive, plates that allow me to have an appetizer, entrée and dessert. We shared superb calamari, that wonderful romaine salad and fried oysters, plus a perfect hamburger and two entrée-sized dishes, one fin fish and one scallop. And the desserts are memorable. That romaine salad is still terrific.



2 Main St., Old Saybrook

(860) 395-5888


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