North Stonington to hold town meeting, vote on school building project

North Stonington — The town will hold a town meeting next week where residents will vote on whether to proceed with the school building project, which was expected to break ground in February.

The town meeting will occur at 7 p.m. Feb. 1 at the Wheeler Gymatorium, and was scheduled by the Board of Selectmen in response to two petitions submitted by residents last week.

The Board of Selectmen was advised by the town attorney that it was required to schedule the meeting and vote because of the citizens' petitions. This, in spite of the late timing of the petitions and the precarious position the town finds itself in.

In the meantime, First Selectman Mike Urgo will give final approval and award bids to contractors Wednesday. And the Board of Selectmen will continue to act in accordance with the already approved resolution and move forward with the project until such time the town votes otherwise, as delaying awarding the bids could have produced additional problems going forward. 


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