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News: In retirement, James Streeter, former Groton mayor and town historian, operates a forensics consulting business. A certified handwriting expert, he's testified in numerous high-profile court cases.

Daybreak: After 28 years as resident music director at Goodspeed Musicals, Michael O'Flaherty is stepping down at the end of February. He reflects on his experiences working on more than 90 musicals at the Opera House in East Haddam and at the Terris Theatre in Chester.

Business: Between selling scented earrings, home goods showcasing a love of Norwich, or items colorful in either language or hue, the new shop Woombs & Wankle aims to be "purveyors of marvelous goods."

Perspective: In his speech last week after being sworn-in for a second term, New London Mayor Michael Passero offered a very optimistic outlook for the future of his city. Can he meet the expectations? 



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