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Literary Types: John Manuel Andriote a well respected storyteller

John Manuel Andriote is famous for his dedication to people suffering from illnesses and stigmas, for his positive disposition, and for his sanguine ideals.

He is a seasoned writer who has been a writer for both The Washington Post and The Bulletin. His award-winning essays and articles on AIDS have been published in magazines and newspapers around the country.

Andriote has educated us on TV, in his literature and on film. Ironically, Andriote promoted HIV awareness for years before contracting the virus, himself.

Author of “Stonewell Strong,” Andriote has been a source of inspiration and consolation for people with HIV. He is a graduate of Gordon College and earned a master’s degree from the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism.

An accomplished author and speaker, Andriote has also published a well-known children’s book called “Wilhelmina Goes Wandering” based on a true story titled “Runaway Cow.” It takes place in Connecticut and has been translated into Mandarin. It is also a peace token on account of the coronavirus having originated in China.

Andriote is planning on having the entertaining and beautifully illustrated story translated into the five languages represented by the United Nations: Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic.

In his tale “Wilhelmina,” a bull ventures beyond her comfort zone to make friends with creatures from whom she is different. In this instance it is a deer. She finally stumbles upon Betty’s farm, a haven she calls home.

The story teaches children to trust others unlike themselves and to have courage. Andriote has not only written three sequels, but a prequel to his endearing and thought provoking story.

As depicted in his charming children’s book, and as revealed in his own life, Andriote is an example of fortitude, of triumph, and of success.

Lisa Shasha lives in Norwich.


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